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Information on how to join the Iris-Talk List

This is the largest on-line iris discussion group and is open to anyone wishing to discuss just about anything relating to any type of iris. There are hundreds of subscribers worldwide, although most are from the USA. Many are members of the AIS but non-members are welcome and encouraged to join as well.
The list is hosted by the website:

You must be a member of the list to post messages. The e-mail address is: ">

This is an internet mailing list devoted to discussion on garden irises. Both experienced irisarians and beginners are welcome. If you grow, breed, or study irises, want to learn how, or just want to join the conversation, you are invited to subscribe.

Subscription Instructions: To subscribe to this list follow the simple steps below:

STEP 1 From your email program, create a new blank message.

STEP 2  In the “To:” line, type the following exactly as it appears below:

STEP 3 In the BODY of the e-mail message choose and type only one of the following three choices exactly as it appears below:
subscribe iris
subscribe iris-digest
subscribe iris-allow

Depending on what kind of service you want the choices are explained below:

Subscribe iris will allow you to post messages to and receive individual messages posted there.

Subscribe iris-digest will allow you to post messages to and receive a daily digest of all messages posted.

Subscribe iris-allow will allow you to post messages to but not receive individual messages posted there. (You can read the messages by accessing the archives with your browser at the website ). If you have multiple email addresses (or locations) you can subscribe all of them to allow you to post from anywhere.

STEP 4  Send the message (the subject line does not matter)

Soon after this, you should receive an automatically generated welcome e-mail message to the discussion group. Please read the contents of that message. Please save the message for future reference so that you may manage your subscription.

You are now ready to post messages to the discussion group. No matter how you subscribed, the e-mail address to send posts to the list is:  ">

John Jones at e-mail address: "> is the LIST OWNER, a human being who is your point of contact for questions or problems.

Enjoy the list!

Photo: John I. Jones and Joanne Jones(photo from Rick Tasco)