Bulletin of The American Iris Society


The Bulletin of the American Iris Society is the official publication of The American Iris Society.

The AIS Bulletin is published quarterly with issue cover dates of; January/February, April/May, July/August and October/November. The official publication of the AIS typically has a composition of approximately 60-70 pages, a size format of 8 1/2 x 11 and includes color photography. Contents include; activities of the AIS, growing and hybridizing different types of irises, reviews of show gardens, awards of top irises, people in the iris world, information about conventions, iris shows and administrative information about the AIS.

The AIS Bulletin is provided free to all AIS members as a benefit of membership. There are no public subscriptions offered. To receive an AIS Bulletin, you must be a member of the AIS. For full AIS membership information please click here: AIS membership information

The AIS Bulletin is also available with AIS Electronic Membership – AIS Emembership. AIS Emembership is separate from the print or full AIS membership. AIS Emembers do not receive printed copies of the AIS Bulletins. Instead, they have access to a special area of the AIS website to view the AIS Bulletins online using an easy to use viewer. AIS Bulletin issues from January 2010 to current are all available to view/read.

AIS Emembers also have access to online viewing of a number of other useful services. 
Please see the Electronic Membership information area of the website for more details on this membership option. You may purchase an AIS Emembership through the regular AIS Membership information area of the website.

Advertise in the AIS Bulletin

Perhaps you have a business that could benefit from advertising in the AIS Bulletin. The AIS Bulletin reaches all members of the AIS who very likely would have a direct interest in your iris related product offerings. Target your audience directly and effectively with an AIS Bulletin advertisement. The rates for advertising are quite reasonable, the benefits are considerable.

To view the rates structure and advertisement options/requirements please follow this link: AIS Bulletin Advertising

AIS Bulletin Advertising contact: 
Linda Wilkie
15115 Grant Circle, Omaha, NE 68116
Phone: (402) 250-7671 | Email:

AIS Bulletin Index

AIS Bulletin Index:
All previous issues of the AIS Bulletins are in the process of being indexed for reference. This is an ongoing project by a group of enthusiastic volunteers.

The index is a bit more than just a table of contents. In addition to listing the articles, it includes an index entry for each individual, color, iris photo. For each article, if the title and/or subtopic don’t describe the contents well, additional keywords are put in a description entry. The intent was to make the index searchable for things that people would normally look for. For example; everything written by a specific author/hybridizer or every reference to a particular variety of iris.

Though by no means complete, the entries gathered by industrious volunteers to date can be downloaded here. There are three file versions: a PDF version, an Excel file version and a Tabbed Text file version of the database. Choose the version that suits your needs best.

PDF version: In the PDF version, the text can be searched using the “Find” capability of Acrobat. The PDF version requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Click here to download the PDF version: AIS Bulletin Index (Adobe PDF file)
(updated January 2024)

Excel version: In the Excel file, the data is in the sheet/tab called ” Database.” This is sortable and searchable using the tools within Excel. Another sheet/tab called “Info” explains the fields, the abbreviations and other info about the format. The Excel version requires Microsoft Excel or equivalent.
Click here to download the Excel version: AIS Bulletin Index (MS Excel file) (Updated January 2024)

Text version: Alternately, you can download a “Tabbed Text” copy of the same data:
Click here to download the text version: AIS Bulletin Index (txt) (updated June 2020)

Issue Numbers
Issue numbers 1 thru 411 are currently within the AIS Bulletin Index, this covers the years from 1920 through Fall 2023. If you have any of the issues that are missing and would like to assist or donate them to one of the volunteers, please contact:
Scarlett Ayres via e-mail: 
Thanks to all the volunteers who have worked on compiling this data.

Special Hybridizing information AIS Bulletin index (new November 2013 – most recent article July 2008)
This is a special compilation index of hybridizing articles found in previous AIS Bulletins.
Available in two formats/click the link of your choice;
Hybridizing articles AIS Bulletin index (Adobe PDF file)
Hybridizing articles AIS Bulletin index (MS Excel file)