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Recent Announcements

Notice to hybridizers and iris registrants: (December 2014)
The seasonal, two-fee registration structure enacted at the Spring 2014 Board of Directors meeting has been rescinded.

Effective immediately the fee to register, reserve, or transfer an iris name is as follows:
North America Registration
Any time of year: fee amount $15

Registration through foreign Associate Registrar (plus local area registration fees)
Any time of year: fee amount $10

All payments must be post marked or made by Paypal (non-North American registrants only)payment by the end date of the respective period to qualify for the associated fee.

By previous action the Board of Directors directed that:
– The registration year runs from December 1 through November 30 of the following calendar year.
– Iris registrations must be received by the AIS Registrar prior to November 1 of each registration year. Any registrations received after November 1 will be registered in the following registration year.

Deadline for Iris Registrations: (June 2011) The Board of Directors of the American Iris Society has enacted a policy stating that iris registrations must be received by the AIS Registrar prior to November first of each registration year and any registrations received after that date will be held until December first and be registered in the following registration year. It is important to note that the policy says ”received by” not “postmarked by.”

New AIS Registrar announcement: (July 2011)
John Jones has been appointed AIS Registrar and as of July 2011 has taken over the responsibilities. Please send all registrations and correspondence to the new Registrar-Recorder John I. Jones.

Registration Overview

Overview: AIS is the official world registry of iris. Each iris variety is first “Registered” with the AIS and can then later be “Introduced”. An iris is considered “Registered” when the application is accepted and approved by the AIS Registrar. Following this, when an iris is offered for sale to the general public and when proof of that is submitted to the AIS Registrar it would then be considered “Introduced”. The date/year of Registration and Introduction are usually different. The procedures are outlined below.

Registration Form: Click here to view/download/print the Registration Form

Completed Registration Forms are sent to:

John I. Jones, 35572 Linda Drive, Fremont, CA 94536-1523
phone: (510) 795-9723 | e-mail:

Registrants are encouraged to review the AIS publications: 10 year Check Lists and annual Registrations and Introductions booklets for names prior to submitting an name for reservation or registration. Alternatively, you may subscribe to the online registrations database and search electronically for names. For more information go to the Check Lists page on this website.

Reserving Names

Reserving a name for an iris is easy. Select a name as you would if you were going to register an iris, send the name along with the eservation fee to the Registrar/Recorder(s). The fee for reserving a name is the same as, and also functions as, the registration fee. Once the reserve fee is paid, there is no further fee for registration for an iris with that name as long as the registration is made before the reserve expires.) The name reservation is valid for rest of the current registration year (to November 30) plus the next three years before it expires. Example: A reservation that is made on July 14, 2012 expires November 30, 2015. Once expired another fee must be paid to reserve the name or register an iris with that name.

Once the name is approved the Registrar will send a “Reserved Name” form to you. The form looks just like the Registration form except the fee is lined out ans marked ‘Paid” and the name and reservation/registration number filled in. It is advisible to submit alternative names with the application. The Registrar will communicate with you in the most epeditious manner to solve any problems with the names submitted. The Registrar will not “Pre-approve” names prior to receiving payment of the fee.

If a reservation expires the name goes back into the pool of available names until someone either reserves the name or registers an iris with that name


Registration and Instructions/Regulations

1. For all classes of irises EXCEPT bulbous irises, request registration application from Registrar-Recorder. (or download the Registration Form from the above link)

2. Remit registration fee – payable to the American Iris Society – $15.00 for each iris. The cost to register and transfer a name from a previous registration is $15.00.

3. Select a name which has not previously been used and submit it for approval when requesting application. Refer to ten year Check Lists (1939, 1949, etc.) and annual registration supplements issued after the latest Check List. (Please also submit alternate names.) A name is not registered until the registration application has been filed and a certificate of registration returned to you.

4. Names should follow the rules established by the International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants. The following names will not be permitted:
a) Names of living persons without their written consent, or names of recently deceased (within past ten years) persons without permission of next of kin or other authority.
b) A person’s name including the following forms of address or equivalent in another language: Mr., Mrs., Miss, Ms.
c) Names including symbols, numerals, non-essential punctuation, or abbreviations.
d) Names beginning with the articles “a” or “the” or their equivalent in other languages unless required by linguistic custom.
e) Names in Latin or in latinized form.
f) Slight variation of a previously registered name.
g) Names in excess of four words, or thirty letters.
h) Names containing the word “iris” or “flag” or the species name of any recognized species of Iris, or formed wholly by recombining parts of the parental species’ names.
i) Names containing the hybridizer’s name in possessive form. (Green Pastures acceptable; Green’s Pastures not.)
j) Names which exaggerate or may become inaccurate (e.g. Heaviest Lace, Tallest Black), or which are composed solely of adjectives which could be construed as a simple description of a non-registered iris (e.g. Late Pink, Pale Blue, Ruffled).
k) Names translated from the original language. (They should be transliterated as necessary instead.)

5. Previously registered names may be re-used if (a) the originally registered iris has not been introduced or distributed by name, (b) does not appear by name in parentage registrations, and (c) a release is obtained from the original registrant.

6. Names will not be released as obsolete unless no stock now exists and the iris was not listed as a parent in registrations.


Introduction is the offering for sale to the public. Catalogs, printed lists, and advertisements in the American Iris Society Bulletin are acceptable means of introduction. Irises must be recorded as introduced before they become eligible for awards of the Society higher than High Commendation. It is the responsibility of the hybridizer to send by first-class mail to the Registrar-Recorder a copy of the catalog, list, advertisement or printed copy of website (and URL) showing introduction.


AB Arilbred
AR Aril
BB Border Bearded
CA Californicae
F. Falls (sepals)
IB Intermediate Bearded
JI Japanese
LA Louisiana
MDB Miniature Dwarf Bearded
MTB Miniature Tall Bearded
RE Remontant (reblooming)
S. Standards (erect petals)
SDB Standard Dwarf Bearded
Sdlg. Seedling
SIB Siberian
SPEC Species
SPEC-X Species hybrid
SPU Spuria
TB Tall Bearded


Submitting a Digital Image/Photo of a Registered Iris

In 2017 the AIS Board of Directors voted to require that images be included with the submission of new registrations..
AIS Image Coordinator: (June 2017) AIS has appointed Neil Houghton as the AIS Image Coordinator. The Image Coordinator has the responsibility of creating a reference library of images of registered irises. Registrants are requested (but not required) to submit images after a registration has been completed and they have received notification from the AIS Registrar/Recorder that the name of the iris cultivar has been approved.
Send the photos or any questions you may have to the AIS Image Coordinator, Neil Houghton. Images can be emailed to the Image Coordinator, at or uploaded to a private online file (instructions below.)
While the requirement is for images to be included with registrations submitted in 2018 and forward, you are also encouraged to submit images for registrations made prior to 2018

Image requirements
File Types
Preparing/Naming images for submission
Submitting images
About Security
Copyright Disclaimer

Image Requirements

The AIS requires a picture of the iris bloom and encourages additional pictures of other views such as stalks, clumps, foliage, and close-ups of any distinguishing feature, e.g., flounce or spoon.
A picture size of 1 MB is the minimum but larger is better. This is to ensure that if your image is published the print quality will be acceptable. A file size of 3-4 MB is preferable.
AIS prefers images without watermarks, names, photographer or other identifying information. If an image is not clear of that type of information it cannot be used in an AIS or Affiliate’s publication. Any image submitted will be accepted but only those that meet the specifications can be published. (See copyright information below protecting your rights)


File Types/Formats

Almost any file type is acceptable. The most common is JPG or JPEG. Other types are PNG, TIFF and RAW. If you are having difficulty with submitting a particular file type please contact the image coordinator at


Preparing/Naming images for submission

So that we can manage the database of photographs, AIS needs the following information to be part of the file name to proper identification:
– Registrant
– Seedling Number
– Cultivar Name and View (e.g., bloom, stalk, clump…)
– Class
– Registration Year
– Photographer
The format should be:
< Registrant>_<seedling #>_<name-view>_<class>_<year>_<photobyCredits>
For Example:
File names should not contain spaces, forward slashes (/), or back slashes (\). Use underscores (_) or dashes(-) instead


Submitting images

Wiki/Encylopedia: Submission of photos grants AIS permission to use as outlined in the Copyright Disclaimer below.
You may email your images to However, many email programs and servers reduce the size of an emailed image using a compression technology. This compression reduced the image quality. Some emails are blocked because of size limitations!
For the reasons above, the image coordinator has created an upload process that is easy and avoids all the email issues. Send an email to the Image Coordinator at and request a link to an upload folder. Send just a short note. (i.e., “Please send a a link to upload images for <Your Name>”)
To use this process you will need a Google account. If you do not have one, when you try to open the folder link sent to you, Google will prompt you to create an account. It is very easy.
Once you receive a return email from the image coordinator with the link:
Click on this link to open YOUR folder.
You can simply drag your image files/folders onto the folder page in your browser
Click on the “+NEW” button and move down and click on “file upload” then select the file(s) you wish to upload from your computer. This should look just like attaching a file to an email
Wait until the file(s) has uploaded before shutting down your computer, meanwhile you can work on other tasks while the upload process will continue in the background.


About security:

Access to the file to which you upload your images is limited to the registrar (John Jones), the image coordinator (me) and you. If you choose to share your link with someone who works with your images that is fine. Other registrants will not have access to your files and you will not be able to access their folders either. In other words, you are in control. Unfortunately, no-one can guarantee absolute security as we have seen, but this is a very secure system with Google. It also seems an unlikely target for intrusion.


Detailed Copyright Disclaimer:

The registrant hereby acknowledges that by submitting a photograph of an iris cultivar registered with the Registrar-Recorder of the American Iris Society the registrant hereby grants the AIS and its agencies (Affiliates, Regions, Sections) the right to reprint or republish such photograph in the Iris Encyclopedia maintained by the AIS; in any of the newsletters or journals published by the AIS or its agencies; to publish such photograph on any website maintained by or on behalf of the AIS or any of its agencies; and to publish such photograph in any other publication published by the AIS or its agencies in the ordinary course of its educational and scientific activities.
Submission of a photograph to the AIS represents and warrents that, with respect to the photograph submitted, the hybridizer is the owner of all copyright rights other than those rights otherwise granted to the AIS herein or by law. If the photograph submitted was taken by other than the hybridizer, the hybridizer certifies that permission has been obtained from the owner of the photograph for the uses described herein. The photographer shall retain ownership of all individual copyright rights to the photograph covered by this agreement except for those rights granted to the AIS or by law. (05-07-2012JS)

Iris Check Lists

The AIS Registrar is the world wide registration authority for cultivated non-bulbous irises. The governing standard is the International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants (ICNCP or Cultivated Plant Code) as adopted by the International Union of Biological Sciences International Commission for the Nomenclature of Cultivated Plants.

Annually the AIS Registrar publishes a booklet titled “Registrations and Introductions” (R&I) that contains the names and descriptions of all irises registered and/or introduced that year. Aside from other reasons for having it, this publication satisfies the requirements of the ICNCP.

In 1929 the first hardbound Check List was published by the Americam Iris Society and the issuance of a new Check List every ten years has become a tradition. Beginning with the 1949 Check List, each ten-year book incorporates the information contained in the Registrations and Introductions for that decade. Some descripitons are reworded or reformatted slightly for clarity and consistency. Minor typographical corrections are made and if additional parental information has been made available, parentages are augmented or restated. Some registrations appearing in annual reports may be deleted if the hybridizer has stated that no stock was distributed, stock of the plant destroyed, and the name does not appear in later breeding records. When discrepancies appear between what was printed in an R&I and what appears in the Check List, the Check List entries should be presumed to be more accurate.

Both the R&Is and Check Lists are available in hard copy from the AIS Storefront area of the AIS website.

The registration and introduction information for all irises is also available in an on-line database. This database is available as part of the electronic membership service of the AIS. For more information on AIS Emembership and the online database please click here: AIS Emembership information

To become an AIS Emember please see the details provided in the AIS membership area.

Note: If you had an active Irisregister subscription as of 11/29/2011 you will have received an email with your ID and a new password for the AIS Emember service. In order to access the Irisregister database you will need your AIS Emember ID and new password.

AIS Emembers may access Irisregister through the following link that takes you to the main Emembers Services area page or alternately by going directly to the Irisregister area: Emembers Services-Irisregister section