Photo Contest

Every year the American Iris Society sponsors a photo contest. Concentrating generally on irises, the people who grow and hybridize them, and their use in garden or natural settings, the contest is open to anyone who submits a picture. The contest is open to adults and youth alike with separate awards for youth submissions.

2024 AIS Photo Contest 

The AIS invites you to participate in our annual Photo Contest. A panel of three to five judges will judge photos received and their decisions will be final. Submissions for the 2024 AIS Photo Contest will be received from May 1st, 2024 to August 1st, 2024 (midnight, Pacific Daylight Time). This contest is free and open to everyone, with the exception of contest Judges and the contest chairperson who are not eligible to enter or win. The winning photo of each category will be published in the AIS Winter Issue of the Bulletin, IRISES and on the AIS web site.

The 2024 winner of each category will receive a 2024 introduction (within USA only). The winner of each category will also receive a 1-year membership or 1-year membership extension to AIS. Winners who are AIS life members will receive an e-membership or annual membership in an AIS Section of their choice. Runners-up of each category will receive a 2022 to 2023 introduction (within the USA only).

Anyone can do it!


You may submit up to 6 photos total for this contest. They may be all entered in one category or in separate categories. The deadline for entries is Midnight, August 1st, 2024 – Pacific Daylight Time.

(NOTE: Any photo submitted that was a winner in previous years will automatically be disqualified.)

There must be irises in the photo and irises in the photos should be of the Genus Iris. 

Entries will be selected and judged in six (6) categories:
1. Irises in a landscape or garden. (Show the iris in the garden).
2. Irises in the wild. (Species in the wild, field or planting).
3. A person or people at iris events or tours. 
4. Close up of an iris or irises. (Whole flower is showing.) 
5. Iris photos – macro (close up of bloom segments.)
6. Photos of pets, wildlife or garden art with the irises. 

*** Youth photographers (under 19) can choose to enter any of the categories as an adult or a youth, but not both.***

Please note: Submissions to the Photo Contest must be HIGH Resolution digital photos or RAW digital photos (300 dpi or higher) with a minimum file size of 2.1 MB. Prints will NOT be accepted for this contest.

How to Enter

You may enter the contest by any of the following three ways:

  1. Complete the 2024 AIS Photo Contest Entry Form (fillable pdf) and email it and your images to Susan Driver, photo contest chair with the subject line: AIS Photo Contest.
  2. Gmail account holders may submit their images directly through the on-line portal (google form).
  3. Mail a CD with your high resolution images and completed entry form (pdf) to the address on the form.

Simply fill out the entry forms designating in which category you are entering your digital photos (e.g. Cat3 Margaret Hart with ‘Snow Flurry’) and use the same designation for your photo file name. Then submit through e-mail or if using snail mail, a CD of your digital high-resolution photos, along with the entry form, to the AIS Photo Contest Coordinator, at the address indicated on the form. Google account holders are invited to submit their entries directly through the on-line portal.

A panel of 3 – 5 judges will judge the photos received and their decisions will be final.

Submissions for the 2024 AIS Photo Contest will be received from May 1, 2024 to August 1, 2024 – MIDNIGHT-Pacific Daylight Time.

The American Iris Society Photo Contest

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