All our digital photo presentation programs are available for free to members and by purchase for non-members.

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Digital Programs
Digital Projector


Digital Programs: This is a FREE service for AIS members, affiliated iris clubs and societies providing presentation programs; the purpose is to help these groups supplement their activity programs and to provide them with tools to use for garden club and other flower organization programs. There is an assortment of program titles available and these continually evolve and change. *See listing provided below for the currently available presentation programs.

Currently these are PowerPoint presentations and are available for no charge to members only. To use the programs for group presentations you will need a computer with Microsoft’s PowerPoint program attached to a display unit (a digital projector or a large screen TV.  Most public meeting spaces have these available. It is important to have a display that provides high quality, and accurate color.  Check the display before your meeting. Older projectors or monitors may not be suitable.

Using the Programs:  There are some rules to observe.
– These presentations are for AIS members to use with any audience they choose, but not to give to non-members.
– The AIS Board of Directors voted to distribute these to promote the genus Iris and to promote membership.  Don’t skip the membership plug.
– Hours of work went into these presentations.  You must observe and read copyright statements.
– If you have any feedback about the program, praise or suggestions for improvement, let us know!  (
– Enjoy the program and sharing your love of irises with others.

Contributing to the Library:  Many of our members and local affiliates have created the wonderful programs that we offer.  We also know that there are others out there! If you contribute them we’ll give you and your group credit.  The program will retain any credit/copyright messages you include.  There will also be an overall reminder of photo copyrights.  The overall program will be © AIS.  Any changes made (other than editing for spelling, grammar or format consistency) will only be made with agreement of the contributor.

Digital Projection Unit: The AIS now has a LCD digital projection unit available for rental. This type of projector, attached to a laptop computer, will project your digital images onto a standard projection screen (or any white surface) and enable you to make a very entertaining visual presentation to your group. *Full detailed information on obtaining and rental of this unit is provided in the section below.

Digital Programs

Ordering Programs: Send an email to Irises Program Resources (Digital) at listing the programs you would like. Programs will be delivered as an attachment to an email or you will be sent a link to the program(s) you request.

Programs available:  Click here to view or download the list and order  Digital Programs Available revised September 2023.

Digital Projector

Digital cameras are everywhere these days. However digital pictures do present somewhat of a problem for us. That problem is; how do you get your digital pictures into your 35mm slide projector for that upcoming presentation? The answer to that particular question used to be: “Not very easily, at great expense, and in most cases, it would not look very good.” There is however, a very elegant solution—a digital projector, otherwise known as a LCD projector. These projectors, attached to a laptop computer, will project your digital images onto a standard slide projection screen (or any white surface) and make a very entertaining presentation.

Now another problem (but also a solution). The problem is that they are expensive; both to buy and to rent. The projectors run from $700.00 to thousands of dollars to buy, or anywhere from $250 to $700 per day to rent. However, we have a solution. The Electronic Services Committee of the American Iris Society has purchased a LCD projector for organizations to use to make presentations. There is a cost associated with using it of course, but it is a lot less than renting one on the open market. It is easy to use and does a fine job. If you are an AIS affiliated club, AIS Region, Section or Cooperating Society you may have access to the projector.

Fees: There is a rental fee of $25.00. (For conventions the fee is $25 per presentation or $150 for unlimited use during the dates of the convention.) You must also pay shipping in both directions. Shipping must be done by a method that is insured and has a tracking mechanism (USPS Priority Mail with Delivery certification is acceptable). For purposes of estimating the cost, the package weight is about 13 pounds and is 20 X 16 X 16. It should be insured for $800.00. UPS, FedEx, Airborne etc are also acceptable but probably more expensive.

There is a requirement to leave a damage deposit of $800.00 and this generally accomplished by the use of a credit card that will accept a pre-authorization of that amount. You may cover the damage deposit with a check as long as the check can be deposited and clear prior to shipping. A refund check will be issued when the projector is returned in proper order.

You will need to provide your own laptop computer and you will very likely want to put your pictures into some sort of presentation program. Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the easiest to use and readily available (but there are others). Hooking the unit up is straight forward, and getting it started is easy. Additionally, phone consultation is available. It is recommended that you do a test set-up a couple of days prior to your presentation day just to make sure all the “technical difficulties/bugs” are out.

To reserve the unit or get further information e-mail: .