AIS Regions and Affiliated Societies

See below for local clubs (Affiliates) in each region (geographical area) in North America.

AIS Regions

In furtherance of these purposes, the AIS Board of Directors shall designate and constitute certain geographical divisions as official AIS Regions. The AIS Board of Directors shall, as deemed necessary in furtherance of the purposes of the AIS, rescind or change the designated boundaries of such official AIS Regions.

AIS Affiliates:

“An organization with purposes consistent with those of the AIS and with a majority of its membership within one AIS region shall be eligible for acceptance as an Affiliate of the AIS. The prerequisites for acceptance as an AIS Affiliate and the privileges granted shall be determined by the AIS Board of Directors. The AIS shall not be responsible for the debts or liabilities of any of its Affiliates, and shall have no power to exercise control over the Affiliate except pursuant to any Affiliation Agreement entered into as a condition of Affiliate status.”

AIS Affiliates, either new or existing, file their affiliation application on an annual basis through their corresponding area AIS RVP. The AIS RVP then reviews the information and submits this to the AIS to finalize the affiliation registration.  Requirements for affiliation are listed at the top of the application.

Download: 2024_Application_for_Affiliation_fillable.
Click to pay your affiliation fee on-line. AFFILIATION RENEWAL

AIS Regional Vice-Presidents and Affiliated Societies Listings

Looking for a local club to join?  Click on the Region numbers below to  see a list of local AIS affiliated societies.

REGION 1: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Newfoundland/Labrador, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island:
Region 1 AIS RVP: Harriet B. L. Robinson, PHD, Otisfield, ME 04270
phone: 207-776-3422

REGION 2: New York, Ontario and Quebec:
Region 2 AIS RVP: Cara Hutchings, Rochester, NY 14621
phone: 585-266-0302 e-mail:

REGION 3: Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware:
Region 3 AIS RVP: George Hildenbrandt, Slatington, PA 18090
phone: 814-571-6839 e-mail:

REGION 4: Maryland, District of Columbia, Virginia, West Virginia and North Carolina:
Region 4 AIS RVP: Anita Moran (Acting),
Aberdeen, MD 21001
phone: 410-937-3388 e-mail:

REGION 5: South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and Puerto Rico:
Region 5 AIS RVP: Janice Hull, Lexington, SC 29072
phone: 803-603-1076 e-mail:

REGION 6: Ohio, Indiana and Michigan:
Region 6 AIS RVP: Fred Pedersen, Brecksville, OH 44141
phone: 330-714-9102 e-mail:

REGION 7: Tennessee and Kentucky:
Region 7 AIS RVP: Lorene Crone, Jackson, TN 38305
phone: 731-499-3887 | email:

REGION 8: Minnesota and Wisconsin:
Region 8 AIS RVP: Katerina Bergeron, Eagan, MN 55123
phone: 651-336-0427 e-mail:

REGION 9: Illinois:
Region 9 AIS RVP: Margaret Kelly, Pekin, IL 61554
phone: 309-347-8561 e-mail:

REGION 10: Louisiana:
Region 10 AIS RVP: Catherine B Mason, Abita Springs, LA 70420
phone: 225-715-1856 e-mail:

REGION 11: Idaho, Montana and Wyoming:
Region 11 AIS RVP: Jeanette Graham, Twin Falls, ID 83301
phone: 208-734-3613 e-mail:

REGION 12: Utah:
Region 12 AIS RVP: Charlotte Brennand, North Logan, UT 84341
phone: 435-752-4441 e-mail:

REGION 13: Washington, Oregon and Alaska, British Columbia and Yukon:
Region 13 AIS RVP: John Vacchiery, Seattle, WA 98118-1130
phone: 206-722-5247 e-mail:

REGION 14: Northern California, Nevada and Hawaii:
Region 14 AIS RVP: Carolyn Hoover, Coarsegold, CA 93614
phone: 559-760-5638 e-mail:

REGION 15: Southern California and Arizona:
Region 15 AIS RVP: Beth Train, Colton, CA 92324
phone: 909-954-7467  e-mail:  web:

REGION 16: Discontinued after November 2010

REGION 17: Texas:
Region 17 AIS RVP: Michael Reed, Farmers Branch, TX 75234
phone: 214-418-3208 e-mail:

REGION 18: Kansas and Missouri:
Region 18 AIS RVP: Jim Hedgecock, Gower, MO 64454
phone: 816-484-6436 e-mail:

REGION 19: Discontinued after November 2010

REGION 20: Colorado:
Region 20 AIS RVP: Linda Baumgartner, Colorado Springs, CO 80904
phone: 719-310-2384 e-mail:

REGION 21: Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, NWT, Nunavut, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba:
Region 21 AIS RVP: Michael Becker, Le Mars, IA 51031
phone: 712-540-9169 e-mail:

REGION 22: Arkansas and Oklahoma:
Region 22 AIS RVP: Joshua Winzer, Tulsa, OK 74105
phone: 918-863-9399 e-mail: email

REGION 23: New Mexico:
Region 23 AIS RVP: Jacqueline Pountney, Las Cruces, NM 88001
phone: 575-640-9555 (Cell)  email

REGION 24: Alabama and Mississippi:

The Regional websites are listed below.

  • AIS Region 1 Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Newfoundland/Labrador, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island
  • AIS Region 2  New York, Ontario, Quebec
  • AIS Region 3  (no website) Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware
  • AIS Region 4  Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia and District of Columbia
  • AIS Region 5  (no website) South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and Puerto Rico
  • AIS Region 6  Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio.
  • AIS Region 7  Tennessee and Kentucky
  • AIS Region 8  Minnesota and Wisconsin
  • AIS Region 9   Illinois
  • AIS Region 10  (GNOIS website) Louisiana
  • AIS Region 11  (no website) Idaho, Montana and Wyoming
  • AIS Region 12  (no website) Utah
  • AIS Region 13  Washington, Oregon and Alaska, British Columbia, and Yukon
  • AIS Region 14  Northern California, Nevada and Hawaii
  • AIS Region 15  Southern California and Arizona
  • AIS Region 16  Discontinued after November 2010, apportioned to other Regions
  • AIS Region 17  Texas
  • AIS Region 18  Kansas and Missouri
  • AIS Region 19  Discontinued after November 2010, added to Region 3
  • AIS Region 20  (no website) Colorado
  • AIS Region 21  Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, NWT, Nunavut, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba
  • AIS Region 22  Arkansas and Oklahoma
  • AIS Region 23  New Mexico
  • AIS Region 24 (no website) Alabama and Mississippi