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Guest Iris Requests

Guest irises are a major component at conventions, mini-conventions, and many other iris events.  Requests typically occur two years before the event for bearded irises and three years before the event for beardless irises.  These requests are frequently published in the AIS Irises Bulletin.  Below are current requests for guest irises that we are aware of.

Thank you to all our hybridizers for your generous contributions of guest irises!

Current Requests

Hi all,

Lafayette will be hosting the SLI convention in April 2022 but by the time the convention was confirmed, it was too late to put a request for Louisiana irises guest plants into the Fleur de Lis.

I will have the guest bed and am encouraging those who want to send plants to do so – anytime between Aug 15 and Oct 15. Recent introductions and seedlings under consideration for registration would be appreciated. Up to 3 rhizomes per variety. I don’t have a whole lot of room and it’s hard to figure how many plants to plan for so for the time being, can we hold the number to 5 (3 rhizomes each) per person. If I can get a firmer count, the number will be increased.

Please ship to Ron Betzer, guest iris chair at 120 Adair Ln, Lafayette, LA 70508.

The name of the variety or seedling number should be clearly marked on each rhizome. In addition, the following information should accompany each plant on a separate packing list:

a. Hybridizer’s name and address
b. Name or seedling number
c. Year of introduction (if introduced)
d. Type of iris (Louisiana or Spec X involving Louisiana irises)

If a guest iris is subsequently named, it will be the responsibility of the hybridizer to notify the guest iris chair.

Please email Ron Betzer r_betzer@yahoo.com or call with any questions.

Cell 337 315-0583

Thanks, Ron

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