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Welcome to the Society for Louisiana Irises

SLI was organized in the spring of 1941 by a handful of interested iris growers and a few early collectors of the native species found in South Louisiana. One of their main objectives was to bring attention to these beautiful flowers. Come join us and enjoy the beauty of the Louisiana Iris.

Louisiana irises belong to the subsection Apogon (without beard or beardless), series Hexagonae of the genus Iris. They are derived from five species, most of which are indigenous to a limited area of south Louisiana and the Gulf Coast marsh areas between Texas and Florida. Two species, Iris brevicaulis and I. fulva, extend the range northward up the Mississippi Valley. Iris hexagona inhabits the southern Atlantic and Gulf Coasts, but by far, the greatest concentration is in the state of Louisiana, hence the name Louisiana Irises.

Growing Louisiana Irises
Louisiana irises grow well in much of the world, proving highly adaptable as to climates, soils, and cultural practices. Despite the common perception that Louisiana irises must be grown in bogs or water gardens, they will tolerate a wide range of moisture conditions. While they will usually survive a periodic drying out, they will not prosper nor bloom well if grown with less than an inch of water per week during the growing season.


Like most irises, Louisiana’s need sunlight in order to prosper. They bloom best with six to eight hours of sunlight per day. In hot climates, and in the desert southwest, afternoon shade would be good. If you have a low area in your garden where water stands for long periods, you probably have a good place to grow Louisiana irises—assuming you have adequate sunlight.


For more information about SLI and Louisiana iris culture, please go to our web site at

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