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Welcome to the Reblooming Iris Society

Thank you for your membership in the Reblooming Iris Society (RIS), a section of the American Iris Society. Your membership will provide you with a subscription to The Reblooming Iris Recorder, our semi-annual publication containing articles about what has rebloomed, regional news, research, notes of personal experience and some advertising.

Our website at has a wealth of information to further your knowledge and enjoyment of reblooming irises.

There is an annual Symposium for voting on your favorite rebloom irises in the different classes that you can participate in..

The RIS has 6 Regional Directors who collect and collate reports on reblooming irises and publish the results for the membership and the public. Our website has their contact information and they will be glad to offer you any assistance they can.

Rose Kinnard, Membership Chairman
Reblooming Iris Society
1649 Madison 504
Fredericktown, MO 63645-8303
Phone: (573) 783-8276



There is extensive culture information on the RIS website at:

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