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Welcome to the Dwarf Iris Society

Welcome to the Dwarf Iris Society of America. Newsletters are published Spring and Fall, Email Dave and Deb Miller at for a copy of a previous newsletter & to verify your mailing and email addresses..

Miniature Dwarf Bearded (MDB) iris are classified as those that do not exceed 8 in. ( 20 cm) in height when blooming under normal conditions. MDBs are the first of the bearded irises to bloom in the spring, often blooming through light frosts and moderate snow cover. They produce low mounds of tiny leaves smothered by an abundance of flowers with crisp substance, and clear colors. The MDB color range includes shades and tints of nearly every color in the visible spectrum. The flowers can be all one color, bicolor, spotted, speckled and veined. The beards may be any shade from white and tangerine, to almost black. Because one may select MDBs for gardens from Maine and the lower Canadian provinces to California and Texas, they are among the most versatile and desirable of bearded irises.

MDBs require only a warm, sunny exposure and a well-drained neutral soil of average fertility. MDBs are excellent rock garden plants, make colorful edgings to garden borders and paths, and are striking subjects in patio, porch planters and troughs. Some miniature dwarf irises bloom again in the fall. These are called reblooming irises.

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