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Welcome to the AIS Iris Registrations Database
(Updated 3/7/2010)
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The online database of AIS Check Lists, Introductions and Registrations (R&Is), and reserverd and registered iris names.

The irisregister website contains a database that may be accessed through a search engine, and several datafiles that may be downloaded (see below).

Please Note: We believe we have resolved the problem with accented characters that appear in non-english languages. If you notice a problem, please let me know at jijones(at)usjoneses(dot)com

The searchable Checklist database contains the full AIS Check List entries for the following:
1999, 1989, 1979, 1969, and 1959 Check Lists.
Names (only) from the 1949 and 1939 Check Lists.
Full registration information from the 2000-2008 R&Is
Name and Hybridizer (only) from the 2009 R&I (when the 2010 R&I is published the full text of the 2009 R&I will be added)
Registered and Reserved Names (as of 1 Mar 10)

To search the database For help understanding the database entries and how to use the Check List database






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